Children’s Dental Services


Preventive Dentistry – The cornerstone of the practice is providing a dental home for your child and providing preventive services that will lead your child towards a lifetime of positive dental health.  We work hard to provide you and your child with the information and skills necessary to achieve this goal.  Preventive services include:

- Regular (6 month) examination

- Dental prophylaxis (cleanings)

- X-rays as deemed necessary

- Fluoride treatments

- Oral hygiene instruction


Sealants – Sealants are normally placed on the chewing surface of the permanent molars when the risk of future cavities in those teeth is high.  Sealants are a clear or white coating that helps to prevent decay in the deep pits and fissures that commonly are found on the permanent molar teeth.  When appropriate the dentist will discuss and advise as to whether sealants would be beneficial as a preventive measure.


Composite fillings – Bonded composite resin (tooth colored) fillings are provided when necessary to restore teeth to their proper form.  Some indications for composite fillings include caries (cavities), trauma, staining, or closing undesirable space.  We do not use amalgam (silver) fillings in the practice and are therefore mercury free.


Orthodontics – We provide certain orthodontic treatments to our pediatric and adolescent patients.  Please see the separate section of the website on orthodontics for more information or ask about these services at your next appointment.


Nitrous Oxide and IV Sedation – For most patients who are young or have dental anxiety nitrous oxide is used to help alleviate those fears.  Nitrous oxide helps to provide our patients with a positive experience when the need to provide fillings, extractions, or other treatments arises.  For those patients that cannot tolerate treatment simply with the administration of nitrous oxide we offer IV sedation services.


Pediatric Dentistry

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