Types of Braces


Stainless steel (silver) orthodontic brackets are the most common type of appliances.  Today’s modern braces are made of high grade stainless steel and are very low profile for an esthetic appearance.  These appliances are precision instruments with a prescription for each different tooth built into the design the help align that tooth into the proper position and angle.  We use only the highest quality products available and each bracket is brand new and to be used only in your child’s mouth.








Ceramic (clear) orthodontic brackets are an alternative to traditional silver braces.  Made of an innovative ceramic material these appliances provide an esthetic appearance and utilize the same wires as their stainless steel counterparts.  In most cases these ceramic brackets are a viable option and can be used to treat the same conditions.  Again, we use products from the leading orthodontic manufacturers and use only brand new appliances for each patient.




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