Orthodontic Emergencies


Loose Bracket or Band – If the bracket or band is still attached to the wire, leave it in place.  If uncomfortable, cover with wax.  If it comes out completely, bring it with you to the next appointment.  Call for an appointment.  Do not connect headgear or elastics to a loose band.


Lost tie wire or elastic tie – Please call to ask if an appointment is necessary.  Notify the assistant at your next appointment.


Headgear or appliance does not fit – Call for an appointment

Soreness from braces – Some minor discomfort is a normal part of orthodontic treatment particularly after getting your braces put on or after a wire change.  If necessary, take the pain reliever that you would use for a headache or similar discomfort.


Wire out of tube – Try to place the wire back into the tube with tweezers.  Place wax if uncomfortable and call for an appointment.


Rotated archwire – Try to slide the wire back around to the other side.  If unsuccessful, place wax and call for an appointment.


Poking tie wire – Bend wire back with a spoon or pencil eraser.  If unsuccessful cover with wax and call for an appointment.


Poking archwire – Cover with wax and call for an appointment.

Accidents involving teeth or other trauma may require immediate evaluation.  Please report any significant trauma to our office immediately.


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